Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ever seen the movie ‘Grudge’ in wide screen?

Ta da...
If Satan had five Children, this would be the one that ate the other four!

The thing I like the most about this guy is that he would have actually looked at this picture and thought ‘Yeah... that’s a keeper’ (not like the other photo’s that make me look like a fat loser).

Finally some hard proof that hating Jesus doesn’t mean you can’t love pies.

10 Interesting fact about this guy;

1 He does his own make up.
2 Those boobs are 100% natural (which is why he keeps them locked up).
3 His mother holds the world record for being the most embarrassed person that ever lived.
4 His belly button can hold 2 litres of Fanta.
5 Every pair of Speedos he’s ever owned have split on the sides.
6 Marijuana gives him the munchies
7 When it comes to high jump, he’s below average.
8 After this photo was taken he had to lie down for an hour.
9 He has special glands in his head that enable his ears to fart.
10 His favorite drink is peanut butter.

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